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Should I Convert My Evaporative Cooling System to Refrigerated Air?

With the hot Albuquerque summer fast approaching, you might be looking at your current evaporative cooling system and thinking “is this going to be enough?” Could it be time for a conversion to refrigerated (central) air? Follow along with the experts at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing while we discuss the pros, cons, and limitations of each option for air conditioning in Albuquerque!

Evaporative Cooling vs. Refrigerated Air

As you would with any important decision, it’s best to start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages offered by each option. In the case of refrigerated air and an evaporative cooler, there are actually quite a few differences!

evaporative cooler special in albuquerqueEvaporative cooling systems, or more colloquially known as swamp coolers, work on the basics of evaporation. The goal is to cool and moisturize air via an evaporative process that essentially leeches warmth from the air, adds water particles, and then circulates the cooled air back into your space. Evaporative cooling is fairly cost-efficient, popular among Albuquerque homeowners that enjoy “green” products and is all-around nice for minimizing dry air.

They are also, however, very limited in the overall aspect of cooling. Leeching warmth via regulated water can only do so much, and hotter days can still feel pretty heavy, and in the Albuquerque area, those hot days come around pretty consistently. This tends to lead folks into using installing window AC units to make up the difference, which quickly makes using evaporative cooling far less efficient and cost-effective.

Central cooling systems, also called refrigerated air, work on the principles of refrigeration. A refrigerant—most commonly the modern R-410a—cycles through a compressor, condensing unit, and an evaporating coil to generate very cool air that is blown into your home via a duct system. The raw power and overall efficiency of the system is hard to beat, and so it’s no wonder that most homeowners choose central cooling (roughly an 80% majority!). More and more Albuquerque homeowners are choosing refrigerated air for their home.

Benefits of Converting to Refrigerated Air in Albuquerque

The major hesitation of many homeowners in the past always revolved around the cost of the conversion process, and the increased energy consumption of a refrigerated air system. However, we’re glad to say that this is old news! Modern central systems have made lightyears of advancements in technology, making them more efficient. And the sheer availability of the technology has driven conversion and installation prices way down.

But what do you stand to gain from a refrigerated air conversion in Albuquerque? Quite a bit, actually. The benefits include:

  • Substantially greater home comfort. Nothing can put out cooling power quite like refrigerated air, helping you stay comfortable regardless of how hot the summer season gets.
  • No dependencies on weather conditions. Evaporative cooling can be highly dependent on milder days and clear weather conditions, while refrigerated central air could care less about the weather.
  • Potential energy-efficiency benefits. Evaporative cooling is more efficient overall (though the difference is quite minimal in modern cooling systems), but if you have to use box fans, window units, or any other augmentations, you’d save energy by converting to refrigerated air.
  • No more open windows. Tired of having your home open to the world and at the whim of bugs and pests? Close the windows and convert!
  • Air quality advantages. The dual air filtration systems used by central cooling can help reduce pollen, dust, and allergen levels in your home.
  • Reduced maintenance needs. Swamp coolers can be a nightmare to maintain, and tend to only get more ornery as years go on. Central systems can last 15 years or more, and rarely need more than a simple annual tune-up.

Refrigerated Air Conversion Services in Albuquerque

Our HVAC company has helped countless Albuquerque homeowners convert from a swamp cooler to a refrigerated air conditioner. Our specialists will help evaluate your home’s specific cooling needs and match you with an ideal system to ensure optimal efficiency and comfort. At B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our AC technicians receive specialized training in refrigerated air conversion and installation services, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands!

Call our cooling experts today at 505-225-3016 to learn more about our refrigerated air services in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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