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Has Your Boiler Been Treated Lately?

Boiler systems are some of the most effective, powerful, and versatile heating solutions on the market today. Homeowners all across New Mexico depend on them for flawless, even heating in our cold season months. And they’re never disappointed! But to ensure your system works at its best, maintenance and service are critical.

B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing takes your boiler service needs very seriously, so when you call in for boiler treatment, we employ the use of Fernox treatments and products. Unfamiliar with Fernox, its benefits, and why it’s so important that your boiler gets service? Well, let’s fix that!

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Why Are Boiler Cleaning & Flushing Services So Important?

Essentially, you can liken these services to HVAC maintenance, or even getting a tune-up or oil change for your car. It’s all about keeping things clean, effective, and optimal. When we’re talking specifically about a boiler, you need to know that your boiler’s daily operation generates considerable debris over time. Sludge, grime, scale deposits, and corrosion all build up, choking your boiler and creating a wide array of problems.

A gunked up, unserviced boiler often leads to:

  • Higher energy or fuel costs
  • Lower heating efficiency
  • Cold spots in the home
  • Odd, loud sounds
  • Long term corrosion damage
  • And more

It’s a pretty big list of problems! But luckily, one single service is the solution for all of these, helping to preserve the function and effectiveness of your boiler system. And that is exactly why routine service, flushing, and cleaning are so critical. It’s all about lowering costs, increasing comfort, and protecting your investment against wear, tear, and time.

Okay, So What Is Fernox?

Fernox is the brand of treatments and products our experts choose to service boiler systems. The company creates a wide array of diverse products that are geared toward optimizing boiler systems, reducing scale and gunk buildup, and helping to minimize corrosion and other problems that arise from time and wear.

We utilize a dual-treatment system, first by thoroughly flushing and cleaning your hydronic boiler system to clear it of built up scale and debris. Second, a protectant is introduced that will help keep these problems at a minimum by improving quality and reducing the common issues that induce scale buildup.

But Why Choose Fernox?

It’s true that there are tons of products and brands out there when it comes to boiler and water treatments. But when it comes down to it, Fernox is just among the best. Homes, businesses, and industrial services all depend on Fernox on a worldwide scale, and they’ve been the best in the business for over fifty years.

We are always dedicated to bringing you the best we can muster. This goes for our services and systems, of course, but it goes for the products we employ as well. Fernox just makes sense when you’re talking about bringing the best, and they offer a wide array of products and services to suit any need. This diversity and dedication to perfection helps us to bring you and your Albuquerque boiler system all of the services and superior products it needs to work at its best.

Boiler Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ensure your home is comfortable all winter long with a Fernox boiler from B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. No matter your boiler system needs, you can count on our skilled technicians for consistent HVAC service! We have experience installing, replacing, and repairing all makes and models of boilers systems throughout Albuquerque—see what your satisfied neighbors have to say about us!

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