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Ductless Mini-Split Installation In Albuquerque, NM

If you’re tired of spending money to heat or cool your entire house, you may be looking to upgrade to a ductless mini-split system. Ductless mini-splits are highly efficient HVAC systems that can help you control the exact temperature of each room in your home, which gives you greater control over your home and your monthly electric bill.

Make the switch to zoned heating and cooling with ductless mini-split installation services near you! B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing serves the greater Albuquerque area, from Bernalillo and Corrales to Los Lunas, North Valley, and beyond!

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Should I Go Ductless?

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Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians have experience installing ductless heating and cooling systems in Albuquerque-area homes. Ductless AC systems are a great option for most home layouts, but they should certainly be considered in the following cases:

  • Albuquerque buildings or homes where installation of duct systems is cumbersome or expensive
  • Albuquerque buildings or homes with small, closed-off areas or room additions

If you are interested in learning more about ductless mini-split installation in the Albuquerque area, call the HVAC professionals at B. Carlson today at (505) 349-4409!

Advantages of Ductless Heating & Cooling

Ductless mini-splits are increasing in popularity here in Albuquerque due to their energy-efficiency ratings and ability to help you save money on your monthly utility bills.

Several more benefits of a ductless system include:

  • Separate Thermostats – With zoned heating and cooling, different areas in your home will have custom thermostats, so you only have to cool or heat occupied spaces!
  • No Ductwork Needed – The absence of ductwork running through your home means the temperature-controlled air will be delivered straight into the room you specify. Because no air transportation is involved, you can expect to avoid the energy loss that leaky ductwork can cause.
  • Interior Design Flexibility – The indoor air handlers can be positioned in a variety of ways to work around the layout of your home. The unit can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, hung on the wall, or even positioned to stand on the floor.
  • Quick Installation – With this simple system, you have the opportunity to bring quality, temperature-controlled air into your home in just one or two days!

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Our Ductless HVAC Systems

We install several different brands of ductless mini-split systems in Albuquerque. Some features are similar amongst brands, and some are unique. Our team of HVAC technicians will help you determine which make and model is the right fit for your application.

Coleman Ductless HVAC Systems

Coleman has been a trusted, household name for over 100 years. At B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing in Albuquerque, we choose to install Coleman ductless air conditioning systems because they are unrivaled when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability.

Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC Systems

Mitsubishi ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning systems are 40% more efficient than standard window air conditioners! If you’re looking for a reliable heating and cooling system that will provide you with consistently cool temperatures, consider installing a Mitsubishi ductless HVAC system.

LG Ductless HVAC Systems

We carry high-quality ductless air conditioners from some of the best names around, including LG. LG ductless HVAC systems are available in a range of sizes and styles—including systems that can heat and cool multiple rooms with a single outdoor unit designed to meet almost any need. For ease of installation, plus energy efficiency and quiet performance, ductless systems from LG are the smart choice.

Fujitsu Ductless HVAC Systems

Fujitsu’s ductless HVAC systems incorporate some of the most advanced technology that you’ll find for heating and air conditioning systems. Their ductless systems are incredibly quiet, as well as highly energy-efficient, which is a win-win for homeowners in the Albuquerque area. You could even reduce your monthly utility costs with a smart Fujitsu ductless mini-split system.

Types of Ductless Air Conditioning Installations

B. Carlson offers a variety of ductless mini-split systems to heat and cool your unique indoor space. Here are some of our most popular indoor ductless systems:

  • Ceiling-Mounted Systems – Elegant design and quiet operation.

  • Wall-Mounted Systems – Slim design that blends in with your existing wall.

  • Ceiling Cassette Systems – Discreet appearance and an ability to pump out both warm and cool air quickly.

Choose B. Carlson for Ductless HVAC Installation in Albuquerque

When you’re ready to see how a ductless mini-split system can better heat and cool your home, call the experts at B. Carlson! We are eager to help you with all of your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs.

We provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas of Bernalillo, Corrales, Los Lunas, North Valley, Placitas, Rio Rancho, Sandia Heights, and Tanoan.

To schedule an appointment for ductless mini-split installation, give us a call at (505) 349-4409 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a ductless mini-split myself?

It is possible to install a ductless mini-split system on your own, but our HVAC specialists at B. Carlson do not recommend it. It’s advised that trusted HVAC experts handle a ductless system installation since the process requires experience and expertise.

Are ductless mini-splits worth the cost?

While ductless mini-splits are usually more expensive compared to traditional HVAC systems, they are certainly worth the investment. Ductless mini-splits are energy-efficient and will end up saving you money on your energy bills.

Can you install a ductless AC system on an interior wall?

While it is possible to run the line sets, connecting wire, and drain tubing through your walls to reach interior rooms, it’s recommended that these units be installed on exterior walls for the sake of convenience and affordability.

How long does it take to install a ductless air conditioner?

Installing a ductless mini-split system may only take an HVAC contractor a few hours. This can vary, extending to 1 or 2 days maximum for more complicated systems.

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