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Boiler Services in the Albuquerque Area

Are you fed up with your home’s unreliable heating system? Is it constantly leaving your family struggling to stay warm during the coldest months of the year? Whether returning from an evening with your family on the Old Town Luminaria Tour or from a day spent at Sandia Peak Ski Area, you’re looking forward to relaxing in the warm comfort of your Albuquerque home. But what happens if you return to a home that is colder than the frigid temperature outside? When your boiler is on its last legs, you need an experienced HVAC company like B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

Don’t let an inefficient boiler put a damper on your home’s comfort level. Contact B. Carlson today for boiler service in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas!

Boiler Installation & Replacement

When you purchase a boiler from B. Carlson, know you can buy with confidence. Our goal is to provide your Albuquerque home with one of the best boilers on the market that you can depend on for consistent heat whenever you need it. We install only the most reliable boilers that have outstanding features, including a modern compact design, high-grade stainless-steel burners for quiet operation, advanced control module, and ignition control for added efficiency!

Maybe you have a boiler that has been giving you constant problems. Stop spending your hard-earned money to fix ongoing problems when it might be cheaper to purchase an entirely new replacement system! Our boilers are well designed and build to last, making them a great investment if you are ready for a boiler replacement. Don’t put up with problems when you can have a boiler that provides consistent heat.

We install the following brands of boilers:

  • Weil-McLain
  • Rinnai
  • Navien
  • Buderus
  • And more!

If you’re looking for a dependable way to heat your home when the cold weather takes its toll on Albuquerque, you need a boiler system from B. Carlson. Call us today at (505) 349-4409 to learn more!

The Benefits of a Boiler System Replacement

Wondering if a replacement boiler is the right choice for your Albuquerque home? Our experts can help you decide! A boiler can benefit your home by providing:

  • Strong, reliable heating. Boilers heat your home in a way that is totally unique to their operation. Through heated water, boilers heat your home via a series of pipes or radiator systems that warm your home by radiating a constant, controlled heat. The result is heat without any of the cold spots of a furnace system, and heat that remains constant no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.
  • Easy maintenance. Boilers tend to require very little from the homeowner in the way of routine care, leaving your hands free aside from ensuring you schedule routine boiler maintenance from your favorite HVAC experts.
  • Additional function. As you know, boilers can not only heat your home—they can heat your water, too! This gives a boiler the dual function of a heating system and a water heater both, either serving as an auxiliary water heater, or it can even serve as a primary water heater all by itself.
  • A clean source of heat. Without a duct system and forced air, you get a lot less dust and debris circulating through your home, making your air cleaner and easier to breathe. This also ties into that lower homeowner maintenance requirement, removing the need to replace/monitor air filters.
  • Whisper-quiet operation. Furnace system keeping you up with that constant drone all night long? Then a boiler system is the right choice for you! Boilers operate at near silence, barely making a whisper all season long.

Boiler Repair

When the cold weather hits, the last thing you need is for your home’s heating system to give you trouble. No matter the problem you may be experiencing, our expert technicians know the ins and outs of boiler systems. Our technicians will work closely with you throughout the boiler repair process so you understand exactly what is happening during all phases.

Don’t forget—putting off minor problems could lead to more costly repairs later on! Don’t wait. Contact B. Carlson to schedule boiler repair service in the Albuquerque area.

Is your boiler broken? Boilers come with some very unique issues, which can stump a homeowner. But luckily for you, we know well the ins and outs of a boiler system, and we can help you easily identify boiler issues. This means you can recognize a need for repair right away, so you can get timely repair long before your boiler issue evolves into a much bigger complication.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

  • A hike in energy or fuel costs. Noticing a jump in your heating costs this year? The problems for this issue are many, but our HVAC contractors can identify the cause in a flash and recommend the best boiler repair or replacement solution to meet your needs.
  • Uneven heating. One of the biggest advantages of a boiler is just how effectively and evenly they heat homes and businesses. Cold spots are not normal or even common, so if you’re having trouble with uneven heating, you know you need to call in for boiler repair services.
  • Weak or unresponsive heating. Boilers are a very powerful source of heat, so if they aren’t keeping up with your comfort needs, there is most certainly an issue keeping it from performing properly.
  • Leaks or standing water. Leaks aren’t particularly common, but they aren’t unheard of either. They can occur near the boiler tank, around valves, or even at your radiators or pipes. It’s a good idea to routinely check these areas for moisture, and if you spot any, give B. Carlson a call!
  • Unusual sounds. Do you have a noisy boiler? If you’ve recently heard a bang, pop, or wheezing sound from your boiler system, you can be sure that there’s an issue at hand. Give us a call right away, since many odd sounds are rooted in component damage, which can cause you big, big problems if left alone for too long.
  • Foul or odd odors. If you own a gas boiler system and smell a rotten egg or sulfurous stench, be sure to shut off your boiler immediately! It’s wise to shut off your gas as well, and even disconnect the boiler from its electrical source if possible. Once you’ve done this, contact us for emergency boiler repair services!

Boiler Maintenance Services

Just like your car, your boiler also needs routine maintenance service to keep it performing at its best. During a routine boiler maintenance service, our trained technicians will assess the following components of your boiler:

  • Burner
  • Controls
  • Fan
  • Heat Exchanger
  • And more!

Don’t skip out on proper maintenance! With the right care, some electric boilers can last about 10 years, and gas boilers can last up to 15 years. Give us a call today at (505) 349-4409 to schedule your boiler maintenance service.

17-Point Precision Boiler Tune-Up

At B. Carlson, our goal is to make sure your boiler is prepared to operate continually all winter long. In order to do so, our team offers a 17-point heating tune-up that is second to none. When you schedule your boiler tune-up, you will have your:

  1. Thermostats calibrated and program checked
  2. Circuit board checked for fault codes
  3. Gas valve operation checked and pressures adjusted
  4. Gas burners inspected and cleaned (removal of equipment for cleaning additional)
  5. Safety controls checked for proper operation and calibrated
  6. Equipment wiring inspected and loose connections tightened
  7. Heat exchanger visually inspected for cracks
  8. Condensate drain/pump cleaned and adjusted (if applicable)
  9. Water pressure, condition, leaks, and temperature checked and adjusted (as applicable)
  10. Pumps inspected
  11. Flue damper checked and adjusted
  12. Combustion air and flue pipes checked
  13. Zone and shut off valves adjusted and checked for leaks
  14. Air vents checked for proper operation and leaks
  15. Thermal expansion tank inspected and pressure calibrated
  16. Cycle system checked for proper operation and overall comfort
  17. Carbon monoxide levels tested

Keep your family comfortable all winter with a reliable boiler—schedule your 17-point inspection by giving us a call at (505) 349-4409!

Benefits of Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is imperative to keep your home heating system running smoothly. Our technicians are experienced in inspecting your equipment to locate any issues or signs of future problems. This gives you enough time to correct them before they leave you with a lighter wallet and a chilly home! Some additional benefits of boiler maintenance include:

  • More effective heating. A well cared for boiler system will perform better and provide stronger, more even heating throughout your home. While we aren’t necessarily prone to blizzards or other winter storms here in New Mexico, our colder months do bring low temperatures and chilly weather that will leave you seeking warmth.
  • Lower heating costs. Does more comfort for less money sound good? If so, a boiler maintenance service is what you need! Routine care optimizes your boiler for performance, ensuring it retains top efficiency and helps to reduce those high heating costs.
  • Decreased risk of breakdowns and repairs. The vast majority of boiler repair services we perform here at B. Carlson could be mitigated, if not completely avoided, if routine maintenance had been performed on the system regularly. Our comprehensive services address many of the common complications that can arise with your system before they become a real issue, which saves you time, stress, and costly repair services.
  • Extended life span. A boiler can last nearly 20 years if it’s well taken care of, but without routine maintenance, you can cut that number in half or less. If you want strong, reliable service from your boiler for years to come, maintenance is absolutely essential!

Boiler Cleaning Services

When sludge, grime, and dust builds up within your boiler, it reduces the efficiency of your heating system. It causes your system to work harder to produce the same comfort levels that you want. B. Carlson’s boiler cleaning process works to removes sludge, scale flux residues, and other various debris while restoring heating efficiency. By removing this excess debris from the system, your boiler can operate more effectively all winter long.

You could maximize comfort and minimize costs by simply scheduling boiler cleaning in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding areas. Contact B. Carlson today to set up an appointment for your boiler services.

Fernox Boiler System Cleaner & Treatment

It’s a best practice to completely clean and flush your boiler system on a regular basis. This can help to combat corrosion and any scale or sludge blockages. Using a chemical inhibitor, you can restore your boiler’s heating efficiency by eradicating debris and other buildup from your system.

This protectant process should be implemented any time someone is performing a major repair or replacement service on your system. By keeping your boiler equipment clean and functional, you are also allowing heat to be more efficiently and evenly transmitted throughout your house—and for a longer period of time! Some additional benefits of a Fernox boiler system cleaner and treatment include:

  • Restored energy efficiency
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Decreased chances of cold spots in the system, strange noises, and sticking pumps
  • Increased savings on fuel bills
  • Reduced amounts of scale, sludge, and slime
  • And more!

Contact Us for Boiler Services in Albuquerque

Ensure your home is comfortable all winter long with boiler service from B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. No matter your boiler system needs, you can count on our skilled technicians for consistent HVAC service! We have experience installing, replacing, and repairing all makes and models of boilers systems throughout Albuquerque—see what your satisfied neighbors have to say about us!

Call B. Carlson at (505) 349-4409 if you need to install, replace, or repair your Albuquerque-area home’s boiler!

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