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Carrier– Is It a Good Brand for your HVAC?

Rich History

Carrier offers an innovative and complete product portfolio, including air conditioners, heating systems, and more. Carrier has a rich history, and claims that their founder manufactured the
“first modern air conditioner” in 1902, making them one of the most authoritative brands in the industry. 

Reliable and Energy-Efficient

Carrier sells air conditioners that gratify almost any budget. While the most basic option has half the efficiency of Carrier’s top of the line model, Carrier was one of five manufacturers that received an “excellent rating” for reliability in
Consumer Report’s most recent survey.

Carrier makes some high-efficiency models and, in fact, four Carrier models recently ranked on the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2022 list of central air conditioners. You’ll find the higher the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the higher the energy efficiency, and the less you’ll spend on the energy cost to run your system.

But be warned: even the finest central air conditioners are only as reliable as the professionals who install them. When you buy a Carrier unit, Carrier requires your contractor to be certified. This exclusivity ensures a quality installation on your Carrier unit and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty if you register within 90 days. 


Professionally installed residential Carrier units can cost between $4-7K, depending on size, efficiency, performance and placement. Naturally, the higher-end, higher-performing units come with higher price tags. They also tend to be the models that qualify for utility company or US government rebates, as they want to incentivize efficient operation and reduced electrical usage. Other factors that influence your cost are the condition of the home and difficulty of the project, including size of home, quality of insulation, quality of existing ducts, home layout, quality and placement of windows, and more.


Carrier air conditioners offer a number of bells and whistles to consider when you are getting estimates for a new HVAC system. Features include

  • Automation systems that improve comfort and energy efficiency
  • Apps and remote communication systems
  • Variable-capacity and modulating systems that deliver precise cooling loads based on current conditions, then change as conditions change
  • Humidity-reducing technology to make you feel comfortable during hot, sticky days
  • Sound-reducing features that make your system whisper-quiet outside and in

As a certified Carrier Authorized Dealer, B. Carlson stays up-to-date with extensive training, ensuring your Carrier is energy efficient, reliable, quiet and environmentally friendly. For a side-by-side comparison of any Carrier models and other brands we install, please give us a call and set up a free consult at (505) 349-4409.

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