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Water Heater Repair in Albuquerque NM

You rely on your Albuquerque water heater on a daily, hourly, or even by the minute basis. It’s needed to retain comfort and function in your home for nearly everything, and any interruption simply cannot be accepted. That’s why your Albuquerque plumbers at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing provide reliable water heater repair service!

No matter your water heater repair needs, we have the skill and experience needed to tackle your water heater situation. Our Albuquerque team of industry-leading, licensed water heater repair experts and our customer-focused service guarantees that you always have access to reliable water heater service of the highest caliber right near you!

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Tank & Tankless Water Heater Repair Services in Albuquerque

Whatever size, make, or model water heater you decide is the best option for your home, the professionals at B. Carlson can have your water heater up and running in no time! We have experience repairing all types of water heaters throughout Albuquerque—see what your satisfied neighbors have to say about us!

As with any plumbing system, scheduling regular water heater maintenance is important to keep your system functioning and providing plenty of hot water for your family! To make sure your system is always in good shape and to avoid the need for water heater repair, schedule maintenance once a year.

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Signs You Need Your Water Heater Repaired

The good news is that water heater issues tend to not mess around and are pretty straightforward. That makes spotting them early easy, which can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. To know when you need water heater repair service, keep an eye (or ear) out for:

  • Leaks or standing water. All pipes, valves, and even the tank are vulnerable to a leak, and if you spot standing water around the base of your water heater, it’s wise to give us a call right away.
  • Odd sounds. A popping or “distant boom” sound from your water heater indicates that it has accumulated too much sediment. This is a clear indication that you need professional water heater repair very soon.
  • A lack of hot water. Tank and tankless water heaters can encounter temperature problems, and when they arise, our experts can provide the repair you need.
  • Discolored water. Discoloration or brown/reddish water is a sign there’s sediment present. This will only get worse if ignored!

Call B. Carlson for Water Heater Repair in Albuquerque, NM

When your hot water goes out, you need a fast, priority response that has your comfort and needs at heart, and that’s B. Carlson! When we arrive, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your hot water heater and conduct the water heater repair right away, while never putting our quality on the line.

Schedule water heater repair in Albuquerque with the friendly, reliable plumbers at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

B. Carlson Provides Water Heater Repair in:

Albuquerque, Corrales, Rio Rancho, Los Ranchos, Alameda, Los Alamos, Placitas, Bernalillo, Los Lunas, Sandia Heights, and other surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my water heater not work as well as it used to?

This is usually due to a sediment buildup in your tank. As water heaters grow older, they accumulate sediment and lime deposits. If these deposits are not removed periodically, the sediment will create a barrier between the burner and the water, greatly reducing the water heater’s performance level. The result is an increase in the amount of fuel required to deliver hot water.

Why would a water heater run out of hot water faster than normal?

If your water heater is running cold easily or frequently then several things could be happening. First check the shower head volume if shower’s are too quick. A new shower head puts out about 2.5 gallons a minute. Some older heads put out 5 gallons a minute. Working with the shower head would double shower length in this case. In some cases, the dip tube on the cold water inlet has broken or worn. When this happens, it creates a short loop for the water, water at the bottom half of the tank will not be used, which makes half of your tank useless. Get it fixed as soon as possible.

On electric water heaters, they commonly have two heating elements that work in turns. First the top element heats up the top of the tank, then power goes to the lower element. If the lower element is out, only the top of the tank gets heated. If the top element isn’t working, there will be no hot water. Sometimes the Reset button needs to be pushed or reset. If this doesn’t get the element working, use a continuity tester to determine if the element has shorted out. Replacement of the element may be needed.

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