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Is Refrigerated Air Expensive?

Pros and cons of refrigerated air versus evaporative coolers (swamp coolers) in Albuquerque.

Keeping cool and comfortable in your Albuquerque home is pretty much always a priority. And when it comes to our weather, it’s not always an easy priority to meet! You need cooling equipment that is both powerful and reliable, and something that has the output necessary to take on our heat waves.

Thankfully you do have some strong options in this regard. Evaporative cooling systems (“swamp coolers” if you like) and refrigerated air are both readily available and suitable for fighting off New Mexico spring and summer seasons. But which one is better overall? Is refrigerated air much more expensive? The pros at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing are here to help you decide!

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How Do Refrigerated Air & Swamp Coolers Work?

An evaporative cooling system is a simplistic form of air conditioning that boasts what is essentially a fan assembly and a set of moisture pads. Evaporative coolers rely on evaporation of water on the pads to drop the air temperature delivered into your home. When the outside air is dry, they can work very well for cooling your home. Evaporative coolers use 100% outside air for cooling, therefore your home needs some way of relieving that air to operate efficiently- windows, doors, vents etc.

A refrigerated air system, also known as central air conditioning, operates off of the process of refrigeration. In this system, a closed loop of refrigerant (usually R-410a these days) is compressed, condensed, and then pushed through evaporator coils. These coils then become very cold, and with the help of a fan system pushing air over them, they are what creates cooler, conditioned air that is then cycled into your Albuquerque home. Refrigerated air recirculates the air inside your home. As a result, air quality can be controlled using high-efficiency filtration.

Deciding Between Refrigerated Air or an Evaporative Cooler

So, the question remains: which is the better choice? Well, in the end, it’s for you to decide! Both have unique advantages and drawbacks, just like any other two cooling systems you could compare. But, we have a sneaking suspicion that you might be leaning more toward a refrigerated air conversion once you understand the perks.

Pros & Cons of Evaporative Cooling vs Air Conditioners

Swamp coolers are often loved in Albuquerque for the simple fact that they bring fresh air into the home (although you allergy sufferers might like this a lot less!), and by the fact that they add some moisture into your living space. Around here, moisture can be hard to come by, so that’s a pretty big draw for sure.

However, where an evaporative system loses is in the fact that they’re somewhat limited in overall cooling power. When the sun’s beating its hardest, or if the outside air has a lot of moisture like during monsoon season, a swamp cooler tends to fall behind, leaving your home a fair deal warmer than you may like.

Evaporative coolers can also leave your home less secure since they rely on windows or doors to remain open to operate efficiently. Since they use water as the source of cooling, they can also require more upkeep to operate properly, such as unclogging water distribution, pumps, adjusting floats etc.

Pros & Cons of Refrigerated Air

In terms of overall performance, home comfort, and reliability, refrigerated air is essentially the best choice hands-down. There’s no amount of heat or humidity that is going to really put the unit to the test, so you never have to stress about a hot day taking away your comfort Another benefit to refrigerated air is keeping your home secure—windows and doors MUST remain closed since air is recirculated.

Years back the argument against refrigerated air was the price since they often were much more expensive than evaporative cooling systems. This is much less of an issue these days! Modern central cooling is one of the most cost-efficient air conditioning options available, and with new high-efficiency technology, you don’t even have to sweat over the energy bill anymore.

Refrigerated Air Conversions in Albuquerque

At the end of the day, our team would trust refrigerated air! With the prices far lower than ever before and the sheer level of comfort the system provides, you never have to care about what mother nature is up to in Albuquerque. Want to find out more, or looking to see which system works best for your home needs?

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