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Packaged HVAC Units in Albuquerque NM

The Hybrid Packaged system is a good choice. A packaged system simply means that instead of having two separate components, such as a heat pump and a gas furnace, everything is combined into one single cabinet.

Our ultra-efficiency Hybrid Packaged system works in much the same way as a split system and offers the same benefits, allowing you the option of either electric or gas heat. And with two stages of electric heating and two stages of gas heating, it can ramp up as needed to handle home comfort on the coldest of days.

At B. Carlson, we have a huge selection of packaged heating and air conditioning units which offer forced air gas heat and the comfort of refrigerated air all in one unit! For heating, we offer single speed and variable speed systems. For cooling, you can choose between single and two-stage systems for maximum efficiency. In addition, we offer one of the most efficient combination heating and air conditioning units on the market with the best warranties in the industry!

How a Combination Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Works

Combined heating and air conditioning packaged systems work to heat and cool your home the same way that traditional, separate units do—except it’s all “packaged” into one unit. These systems can either sit on the ground outside a home or are installed on a rooftop. On these systems, the evaporator coil, condenser, compressor, and either electric heating coils or a gas furnace are all located in the same cabinet, meaning they are smaller and more space-efficient than split systems. Packaged systems have a series of ductwork that connects to the unit. These systems can also integrate with many indoor air quality systems, making them a great, all-in-one option for Albuquerque homeowners.

Benefits of Packaged Heating/Cooling Units

  • Space savings. Because these systems are a 2-in-1 heating and cooling solution, one of the benefits of packaged heating/cooling units for Albuquerque homeowners is that they take up less space than split-system units. For smaller homes, or homes aiming to maximize their livable square footage, these space-saving systems are a great option.
  • Options for installation location. Packaged units can be installed on the side of your house in a similar manner to split units, or you can have them installed on the roof. A unit that is on the roof is less likely to be targeted by criminals who might find the copper components inside the system to be an attractive target or who just want to damage your property. But if you get a lot of snow in your area, that may not be an option.
  • Energy-efficiency. Another huge benefit to homeowners in the Albuquerque area is their energy efficiency. All Coleman packaged cooling and heating units have a SEER cooling of 14 of higher, with AFUE heating efficiencies over 80%, several of which are ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • Simpler maintenance. On a packaged system, the major components are easy for your B. Carlson technician to reach and repair. Instead of having to reach two locations, only one space must be cleared in order to be accessible.
  • Streamlined installation. Packaged units are generally assembled in the factory, which means that it’s already put together by the time it gets to you. This means that the installation process tends to be quicker, simpler, and potentially less expensive for you.
  • Less noise. Because these systems don’t have an indoor component, these machines will help your home to be quieter than a split unit. No annoying noises here!

Drawbacks of Packaged Heating/Cooling Units

Despite all the perks to having a packaged unit, they aren’t necessarily a good fit for every home or business. For the sake of fairness, and to help you make sure that a packaged unit is really a good fit for you, it’s important to make a note of the drawbacks associated with this style of HVAC system. These include:

  • Increased wear and tear. Packaged units are installed outside. That means that every component is vulnerable to the elements, storms, and general dirt and debris to some degree. The exposure to water and air can also result in the system rusting over time. You could even find pests making their home in or around your unit. That’s part of why it’s so important to make sure it’s kept clean and free of debris.
  • Maintenance challenges. Just because everything is in one place doesn’t mean that everything about maintenance is easier. If your unit is installed on your roof, it’s going to be more difficult to access.
  • Less efficient. In terms of efficiency, packaged units tend to be less energy efficient than split systems, though they’re still considered to have a good SEER rating. The higher efficiency a split system has, the more likely that translates into greater resale value for a home.
  • Installation challenges. We strive to ensure that every installation, maintenance, and repair is done to perfection. If you have a roof unit that is poorly installed, however, you could end up with leaks and other problems.

Even with these drawbacks, a packaged unit can still be a great fit for many homes and businesses. Many of the drawbacks can be addressed with proper planning, installation, and care.

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