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Professional Plumbers in Santa Fe, NM

When you need a plumbing company that you can rely on, make B. Carlson your first call. Our Santa Fe team is experienced and equipped with the latest tools. From a simple plumbing fix to a complete residential re-piping, our Santa Fe team is prepared to meet your plumbing needs with professionalism and customer service that can’t be beat. We offer emergency services, so your home is never without properly flowing water.

When it’s time to call a plumber, call B. Carlson of Santa Fe. Learn more about the many services that we offer to business owners and homeowners in the Santa Fe area.

Faucet & Fixture Selector

When it’s time to pick a faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, it can be difficult to decide. Looking online or throughout the hardware store may leave you feeling overwhelmed. At B. Carlson, we specialize in making fixture selection simple. We carry a wide variety of Moen plumbing fixtures that will match your personal style. Once you find a few options that you like, our specialists will help you decide on the best option for your home and price point. Our Santa Fe B. Carlson team are equipped to properly install bathroom or kitchen faucets right the first time. Save yourself the headache of a DIY job and call the pros at B. Carlson.

Plumbing Repair

If you are in the middle of a plumbing emergency, you can’t afford to wait for help. When not handled right away, a small plumbing repair can turn into a big and expensive repair. At B. Carlson, you can avoid waiting for hours for help and tackle your plumbing problems right away. Our Santa Fe plumbers are available day and night to take your call. Whether you are dealing with a clogged toilet or a leaky pipe, B. Carlson has the tools and know-how to get things flowing again.

Water Conditioning

From bathing to cleaning, the tap water in your home is used many times throughout the day. Water plays a vital part in our lives, and clean, high-quality water is essential to your health and the health of your family. Our Santa Fe B. Carlson team understands that it’s important to you to maintain clean and healthy water, without spending a fortune. That’s why we offer a wide variety of water conditioning options for the properties throughout Santa Fe. Our experts can help you discover the best water treatment option for your home and budget.

Water Filtration

Are you concerned about hard water or excessive amounts of sediment in your tap water? B. Carlson is proud to provide water filtration options that improve the cleanliness and safety of your home’s water. We install point-of-entry filter systems that provide effective water filtration for your entire home. By treating water issues at the source, you can enjoy clean water from every faucet throughout your home. If you are considering a whole-house filtration system for your Santa Fe home, make B. Carlson your first call. We have the expertise to advise you on the best filtration option for your home and install it for an affordable price. Contact us now to learn more details.

Water Heaters

You don’t realize how much you rely on hot water, until your water heater isn’t working properly. Without consistent hot water, ordinary tasks, like showering or washing dishes, are more difficult and uncomfortable. If your hot water heater is not working, call the B. Carlson expert plumbing team. Our expert Santa Fe plumbers are here to diagnose your water heater problems and get your unit up and running as quickly as possible. If your water heater is past repair, we are also certified to install water heaters of all kinds, including traditional and tankless. Save your family from cold showers and call Santa Fe’s expert plumbers right away!

Much More! 

Our plumbing services to the Santa Fe community don’t stop there. At B. Carlson, we are able to tackle any plumbing problem that you experience. We are proud to provide the following plumbing services to business owners and homeowners in Santa Fe and the nearby cities: Pipe leak repair, Fixture leak repair, Toilet repair, Drain line repair, Water heater repair, Drain clog repair, Garbage disposal repair, Burst pipe repair, Sewer line repair, Gas line repair, and much more! 

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