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Thermostats & Controls in Albuquerque, NM

Programmable thermostats and controls have certainly become the ‘norm’ across the nation, and many homeowners in Albuquerque are helping them gain in popularity.

Our blistering New Mexico summer days and frigid winter nights can certainly make maintaining a consistent, comfortable indoor temperature difficult. However, with a digital, programmable, or learning thermostat, managing your indoor comfort has never been easier!

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Programmable Thermostats

Our Honeywell thermostats offer users a large, backlit, digital display that is clear and easy to read. These models are also easy to operate in a variety of lighting conditions with a wireless connection. 

This means your digital thermostat can be placed anywhere in your home without the need for cutting into walls and running wires. They also provide affordable and effortless, simplified programming that can be entered for each day of the week, regardless of your daily habits.

With proper programming, these user-friendly digital thermostats can help you save big on your annual heating and cooling costs. They also come with a 5-year warranty on manufacturer parts and a 1-year warranty on labor for added peace of mind. Additional benefits of programmable thermostats include:

  • Precise comfort control
  • Increased overall home energy efficiency
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • Real-time clock
  • Multiple HOLD options
  • 5-year warranty

These incredibly intelligent touchscreen programmable thermostats actively communicate with other enabled devices in your home—from your air conditioner and furnace to other system accessories—to make sure everything is working together to help your home achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Ecobee Thermostats

Ecobee thermostats offer superior whole-house energy efficiency with simplified displays featuring incredible learning capabilities. These units have been time-tested and have been proven to offer energy-saving features that can return 100% of your investment in under two years! Consider the added conveniences of the Ecobee app, which allow you to change the temperature in your home even when you aren’t there—the benefits of this innovative thermostat simply can’t be beaten!

Thermostat Installation in Albuquerque, NM

With so many great products on the market today, choosing the right thermostat for your home can be overwhelming—we get it! From user-friendly units with simple on/off operations to complex systems that can independently control the temperature in each room of your home, you can be sure our experts can help you find the perfect thermostat to suit your needs and budget.

If you have questions about digital and programmable thermostats or would like to schedule thermostat installation for your home in Albuquerque, NM, be sure to give our experts a call at (505) 349-4409! For added convenience, you can use our online form to get started!

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Thermostat

Over the years, technology has seen smart thermostats developed, making it easier to control heating and cooling levels in a room. Choosing between a programmable thermostat and a smart one can be confusing. A programmable thermostat does not need an Internet connection, and can be scheduled to control heating and cooling levels at home throughout the day and night. A programmable thermostat is more cost-efficient than a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat is more expensive, but it offers remote control in addition to being programmable. Before buying one, consider your HVAC system. While some will suit the HVAC system well, others need a separate one for the different heating and cooling systems.

Wiring is another consideration. A programmable thermostat can work with as little as two voltage wires. A smart thermostat may need more wiring.

Benefits of Thermostats

Thermostat devices offer a wide range of advantages to homeowners, saving money, time, and increasing comfort. Here’s some benefits to consider about having a thermostat:

A consistent temperature: you can maintain heating and cooling levels in your home by using a programmable thermostat or a smart one. Stable heating and cooling levels offer comfortable and healthy living conditions in your home.

Save money: by being able to control heating and cooling, you also have control over the cost and efficient use of energy. If you’re not home during the day, you don’t have to heat or cool the entire house. But you can have the thermostat kick in 30-60 minutes before you arrive so your home is comfortable when you return.

HVAC alerts: some smart thermostats will tell you when to check your air filter to ensure the system is running efficiently. Others prompt you when you need to service or check your system to keep it running smoothly and avoid future issues.

Customized zones: a programmable thermostat is convenient in multiple climate zones. It increases the energy efficiency in your home. This will save you money and boost comfort.

While many may ignore these devices, you’re sure to save time, money and increase your comfort by installing one.

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