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Indoor Air Quality Services in Albuquerque, NM

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Indoor Air Quality Services - Albuquerque, NM

Have you noticed that the air in your home feels dirty or hard to breathe? Do you constantly struggle with allergy or other respiratory issues? If so, it could be a problem with your indoor air quality, also known as IAQ.

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According to the EPA, indoor air has significantly more air pollutants than outside air, and this includes everything from pet dander to food odors, bacteria, and more. While HVAC systems work hard to circulate air in your home, they are not sufficient at removing harmful particles from the air.

That’s why at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we provide indoor air quality solutions to help you breathe easy in your home and promote good health indoors for your family.

We promote the all new HALO-LED™ whole-home air purification system. It is both mercury free and zero ozone compliant. The HALO-LED™ proactively treats every cubic inch of air conditioned space, reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants through bi-polar ionization and revolutionary REME-LED™ technology.

We also have air humidifiers we recommend based on your home’s location. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation on many parts of the body. Humidifiers also can help you avoid colds and flu.

If you want to give your HVAC equipment an air quality boost—then you came to the right HVAC company! Since 1971, we’ve been pioneering the installation of indoor air quality systems in Albuquerque, North Valley, and beyond.

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Albuquerque Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Modern air quality products strive to take a comprehensive approach to meet your air quality needs. There are a lot of options to choose from, each offering specific advantages and addressing distinct air quality challenges each home faces.

Do you deal with tons of dust on a regular basis? Have pets? Wrestle with dry air? There’s a product to match your needs, and at B. Carlson, we pride ourselves on being able to provide and service them all.

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Whole-House Humidifier Installation & Repair

Our whole-house humidifier systems help to improve home comfort throughout your entire house by providing an appropriate amount of moisture to combat the dry Albuquerque air. Other benefits include:

  • Automatic control
  • Independent operations
  • Automatic digital humidifier control
  • Quiet performance
  • Minimal maintenance

For more information about whole-house humidifier or indoor air quality services, call (505) 349-4409!

Air Filtration Systems

When you choose B. Carlson for your home’s indoor air quality needs, you benefit from highly effective whole-house air filtration. By trapping large particles and charging small ones, it collects airborne contaminants so they aren’t floating around your home. Filtration can remove 99.98% of airborne allergens from your home, keeping your family safer all year long!  Filtration systems are effective at handling dust, mold spores, pollen, cigarette smoke, common household odors, and more.

Learn more about air filtration systems.

Programmable Thermostats

With so many great products on the market today, choosing the right thermostat for your home can be overwhelming—we get it! From user-friendly units with simple on/off operations to complex systems that can independently control the temperature and air quality in each room of your home, you can be sure our experts can help you find the perfect thermostat to suit your needs and budget.

Indoor Air quality albuquerque, nm

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We take the needs of our clients very seriously and back up our determination to be the best with endless training and the constant pursuit of better methods, better tools, and better ways to serve our Albuquerque clients. When you need air quality experts that can assess your needs and offer solutions that guarantee results, look no further than B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing!

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Indoor Air Quality Service Area

If you’re tired of noticing odors or debris in the air in your home or reacting to allergens or bacteria in the air, indoor air quality services may help you.  At B. Carlson, we look forward to delivering the duct cleaning, vent cleaning, and other indoor air quality services you need to breathe easy in your home.

We service Albuquerque and the surrounding areas, including Bernalillo, Corrales, Los Lunas, North Valley, Placitas, Rio Rancho, Sandia Heights, South Valley, and more.

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