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Garbage Disposal Repair in Albuquerque, NM

When dealing with food waste there’s nothing like a strong, dependable garbage disposal. But when you have a broken garbage disposal, it can be a huge pain to diagnose the problem, find a solution, and get it repaired. That’s why B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers complete plumbing repair solutions, including disposal repair, that focus on providing homeowners with an easy solution.

Our Albuquerque plumbers have been serving Bernalillo County and the surrounding areas for decades! We’re an award-winning plumbing contractor that you can trust for swift repairs and cost-effective service. Any time your garbage disposal won’t work, just give us a call.

Call (505) 349-4409 or contact B. Carlson online to schedule garbage disposal repair in Albuquerque, NM! 

What is a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals have provided significant value to many households over the past few decades. Many people depend on these units to clear kitchen scraps and other similar items while food prepping and washing dishes.

The garbage disposal is often a key part of your plumbing needs and can need repair if not used properly.

The disposal is found on the underside of your sink and is there to capture refuse and kitchen scraps. When you run the disposal unit, food scraps will move through a grinding area. Water simultaneously flows through and will wash the grinded particles down your pipes.

While most disposals can be repaired, we can also replace your old disposal or install a new disposal– even if you’ve never had one. We offer free estimates, and our representatives at B. Carlson are here to help.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Albuquerque

A broken garbage disposal can quickly become a smelly and obnoxious problem in your home. Even worse, a clog or similar sewer line restriction can begin to have a negative effect on your other home plumbing systems like your sewer line, too. Our plumbing contractors understand just how frustrating disposal troubleshooting can be, and we act fast to provide our clients with the swift and accurate plumbing repairs they need.

Anything from a garbage disposal clog to damaged disposal blades or garbage disposal electrical issues—we’ve seen and repaired it all. When you call for service, we’ll show up on time and bring all of our experience and professional tools in order to ensure the job gets done right.

Contact B. Carlson to schedule garbage disposal repair now! 

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

As is always the case, it’s best to avoid bigger problems and more expensive issues whenever possible. The best way to do this is to call for plumbing repair as soon as you notice anything amiss with how your disposal is operating. If you notice any of the following issues, call for Albuquerque plumbing repair from B. Carlson:

  • Persistent funky odors from the disposal
  • Frequent disposal clogs, or a clog that can’t be resolved with standard means
  • A burnt or electrical odor from the disposal during operation
  • Strange noises from the garbage disposal like grinding metal, banging, clanking, or high-pitched squeals
  • Leaking water from underneath your garbage disposal
  • The disposal is tripping a circuit breaker when turned on
  • You need to press the reset button on your disposal all the time

Noticing any of these warning signs? Don’t wait! Call (505) 349-4409 or schedule disposal repair in Albuquerque online now! 

Contact Us to Repair Your Broken Garbage Disposal in Albuquerque, New Mexico

At B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we focus on providing clients with professional and accurate plumbing services across the board. Whether you need simple disposal repairs, garbage disposal replacement, or other plumbing services, we’re the experienced Albuquerque plumbing company you can always count on for affordable plumbing services and top-class workmanship.

Call (505) 349-4409 to schedule garbage disposal repair now. You can also reach us online to schedule plumbing services at any time!

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