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Providing Home Water Filtration throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico

To keep yourself healthy and hydrated, your body needs water – and lots of it! Not just any water will do the trick. We need your drinking water to be free from harmful bacteria and sediment. If you have not yet invested in a home water filtration system, you will want to consider the many benefits that filtered water can have on your health, your bank account, and the environment.

Why Should I Invest in Home Water Filtration?

While some tap water lines are safe to drink from, others are less carefully regulated Filling up a glass of water . Blue background.and can make residents sick. According to a New York Times analysis of federal data, more than 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems violated key provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act over a 5 year period. Never heard of this act before? Its purpose is to provide Americans with clean, safe public drinking water by setting strict rules and regulations for water treatment facilities to follow. The same study also showed that public water provided to more than 49 million people has contained illegal concentrations of chemicals such as arsenic, radioactive uranium, dangerous bacteria, and even sewage. How can you prevent this unsanitary drinking water from making its way to your kitchen sink? By investing in a home water filtration system, you can be sure that every sip of water you take is refreshing and filtered.

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North Star Water Purifier

The North Star reverse osmosis drinking water system installed at point-of-use in your home has four stages of filtration ensuring fresh, clean tasting drinking water. Impurities are removed and contaminants are reduced, benefitting your life in every way possible.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water


Filtered sink water can protect you and your family from toxic levels of lead and bacteria found in tap water. Not only are filtration systems beneficial to your health, they can also benefit the environment and help save you money. By reducing your bottled water purchases, you can save at the grocery store, ultimately sending less plastic off to landfills.

Water filters are beneficial to our health because they remove:

  • Lead – which can impair children’s developing immune systems
  • Excess sodium
  • Harmful toxins and contaminants

Why We Use North Star Products

clean filtered home water

Our team at B. Carlson is dedicated to providing the best possible water treatment solutions for our neighbors in the Albuquerque area—which is why we are a proud vendor of North Star Products.

North Star is a brand well known for innovating and manufacturing water treatment solutions that offer homeowners peace of mind. After reviewing all of the brands available to us, we chose to work with North Star because we believe that they’re the brand that offers the most comprehensive, high quality series available on the market.

Whether we’re working with water softeners, whole-house water filters, or drinking water filters, we trust that the North Star products we use are going to get the job done.

Do you know what’s in the water coming into your home? Find out in the Home Water Guide:

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Water Filter Installation in Albuquerque

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Our certified water specialists at B. Carlson provide water filtration to homes and businesses in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas of:

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