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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

When something goes wrong with your air conditioning system in New Mexico, you tend to notice it right away. I mean, it is really, really hot out there! But not all air conditioner issues are created equal and some may be more obvious than others. One such obvious issue is hot or warm air blowing from your vents. What’s a little less obvious is the cause and the best way to go about rectifying it.

At B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we want our patrons to always know when it’s best to call in for professional AC repair. We’ve been providing superior service and quality for forty years, and part of that service (in our eyes) is to keep our consumers as informed as possible. So follow along and you just might figure out exactly what’s causing that gross hot air!

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Why Do Air Conditioners Blow Hot Air?

Air conditioners depend on a wide array of components to all work in-tandem to provide the cooling comfort you want. This means a number of problems can all lead to the same outcome—in this instance hot air. So what’s making your cooling system into a heating system? Well, it could be:

  • User error. No, we’re not making fun, and yes, we’re quite serious. It’s easily possible that the thermostat is set incorrectly or that somehow your switch got bumped from “cool” to “heat”. It’s a surprisingly common cause and we just want you to be aware. We’re all about providing excellent air conditioner repair services, but we doubt you want to make the call only to find out someone accidentally elbowed your thermostat!
  • Thermostat malfunction and wiring issues. Even if no one did bump it, it’s possible that the issue still lies with your thermostat or other electrical components. Loose connections or wire damage can easily lead to weak performance or inaccurate temperature readings.
  • Compressor failure. Your unit relies on the compressor to pressurize and move gaseous refrigerant to the condenser outside, where heat and hot air are vented out into the outside air. Compressors fail for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately they all require professional assistance. Misdiagnosis is exceedingly common and to ensure you get the issue fixed the first time, a certified specialist is absolutely required.
  • Refrigerant leaks. Hands-down one of the most common issues that lead to warm air blowing in your vents. A leak can be a result of a number of issues and a professional will spot this one right off the bat.
  • Dirty or clogged components. Since your system is constantly cycling air in your home, and filters out particulate matter of a certain size (dust, allergens, debris), it’s very possible that a clogged filter is the culprit. Routine maintenance can avoid this problem entirely and frequently changing your filters can stave off an air clog.

For Fast Relief, Contact B. Carlson’s AC Professionals

Beyond the issues we talked about, there are actually loads more possible origins of your hot air problem. Air conditioning systems are fairly complex and it can be difficult to suss out exactly what is going on that may cause your problem. This is why professional assistance is highly recommended to troubleshoot your air conditioner issues! Certified experts carry years of experience in diagnosing and addressing air conditioner disrepair and we can locate and rectify any issues in no time!

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