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Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance in Alburquerque, NM

We may not get the humidity and swelter of other areas, but here in New Mexico, it gets plenty hot. Your needs demand an air conditioning system that is not only strong and reliable, but operates at the top of its game. To ensure your system runs optimally, HVAC companies throughout Albuquerque provide routine maintenance and tune up services. But what exactly 
are these, and how are they important?

The certified experts at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing take your needs seriously. We wouldn’t just want you to nod along and call in for maintenance. We want you to understand why your system needs a tune up, how it benefits you, and what you can do to get the most out of your system this year!

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Benefits of an AC Tune Up

Because your system operates on a very specific set of components, and depends on all of them to work optimally, you need to ensure everything is in order. A tune up aims to address the needs of your system, and can ensure you get the most out of your system’s performance. And the great thing? Regular professional maintenance comes with some added benefits as well:

  • Increased energy efficiency. We often choose our systems on not only how well they’ll keep our homes comfortable, but what it will cost to do so. The efficiency of your system begins to drop within a year or two of purchase and installation. But with regular maintenance, you’ll almost never experience an efficiency drop. Tune ups will ensure all parts are in perfect condition, and your system will reward that service with a much, much lower cooling cost throughout the year.
  • Better comfort. Through cleaning and maintenance, your system gains the ability to work at top condition. This means the cool air you need is supplied more effectively, keeping your home cool and comfortable without fail.
  • Reduced need for repair. Tune ups can even potentially prevent repair outright (in fact, many of our repairs are the product of a lack of maintenance). Why? Because maintenance will give our experts the opportunity to ensure all components are properly seated, tightened, and connected; and will let us check to see that nothing needs replacing. This avoids the vast majority of common repair causes!
  • Reduced repair cost. Thinking we already mentioned that, right? Not necessarily. In the event that you do need repair, it’s likely to be much less costly than if you haven’t sought maintenance recently. This is because hands-down the most costly repairs involve component failure, which would be avoided with maintenance!
  • Better air quality. Over time your system collects loads of dust and other common allergens. This can be caught up in the filter, on coils, or simply resting in the system itself. Not only do these choking particles harm your system’s efficiency; they also drastically reduce the air quality of your home as your unit continues to circulate dust and pollen-laden air.

Will a Tune Up Make My Air Conditioner Safer?

Yes! Your system utilizes a large number of electrical connections to operate. With a tune up, all of these are checked, tightened, and replaced as needed. This means a reduced risk for electrical fire and electrical failure, improving the overall safety of your home.

What You Can Do to Maximize AC Efficiency

Take these steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system between professional maintenance visits:

  • Change filters regularly (every one to three months as needed)
  • Sweep and dust around your system (and home) to reduce allergen and dust intake. This improves air quality, and ensures your system doesn’t get bogged down.
  • Install a WiFi thermostats. It’s a cool piece of technology that saves you money, and reduces your monthly cooling costs! Contact us if you’re interested in learning more.
  • Pursue a maintenance agreement with your trusted HVAC professionals. These plans are tailor made to suit your needs, and ensure your air conditioner gets the regular service it needs to maintain maximum performance.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Albuquerque, New Mexico

No matter your cooling system needs, B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is the company you can count on for consistent HVAC service! From refrigerated air conversions to AC maintenance, out ream does it all. We have experience installing, replacing, and repairing all types of HVAC systems throughout Albuquerque—see what your satisfied neighbors have to say about us!

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