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Benefits of Water Treatment & Filtration

Modern water systems are a beautiful thing. Turn on the tap, and boom, fresh water on demand and ready to go for cleaning, drinking—whatever you need. Trouble is, you can’t always be sure what’s lurking in that water, which may drive you to getting water from other sources. But there’s an easier way! Know much about water filtration and treatment systems and the benefits they provide? If not, let the team at B. Carlson Heating, Air conditioning & Plumbing clue you in!

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What Is a Water Filtration System?

Filtration systems aim to improve the quality of your home’s water by removing common contaminants by way of, of course, filtration. There are small-scale options out there that can remove harmful organisms, sediment, and excessive traces of metal, but there are “whole home” options as well, like the ones we provide at B. Carlson. Whole-home systems operate by filtering water at your point of entry, or main water line, to treat the issue at the source.

And How About Water Treatments?

Water treatment is more of a blanket term that describes any form of water purification service. This includes water filtration, which is considered a facet of water treatment. But water treatment as a term expands out to things including chemical treatments, reverse-osmosis systems, sediment-removers, and water softening systems.

How Does Water Treatment & Filtration in Albuquerque Benefit Me?

And now the real important question comes to light! What exactly does all of this do for you? Is it worth it? Let’s dig in!

Water treatment systems bring great benefits by:

  • Improving the quality of your home’s water. A massive amount of United States homes (as in nearly all of them) wrestle with a problem very few folks even acknowledge. Our public water systems aren’t perfect! Tap water is somewhat safe, sure, but you’re still getting a lot of potentially harmful bacteria, trace metals you don’t need, and sediment in your water. These can all put a hit on your health you weren’t expecting, and a water filtration or treatment system is just the ticket to ensure you’re getting crystal-clear, pure water in your home.
  • Giving you better tasting water. Some might consider the taste of water a small issue, but to the vast majority of us, the taste is really important. All you need to do is look at the sales of popular bottled waters to know that! But you needn’t rush out to the grocery store to get good tasting, pure water. You need only get the right filtration system!
  • Saving you money. And on the same topic, you’re probably well aware of just how costly buying your water from the store can be. Whether you’re ordering water coolers or buying your bottles in bulk, it’s a huge financial drain you don’t really need to be fussing with. A filtration system is simpler, cheaper, and overall a far better option.
  • Removing hard water problems. To those of us who are clean-freaks, hard water is a nightmare, and one we contend with routinely here in our corner of New Mexico. But that problem can be gone for good with the right water treatment, bringing you softer, cleaner water that stops leaving all of those nasty spots!
  • Being super convenient. Clean, clear, near-perfect water at the flip of a faucet’s handle. It just doesn’t get easier. No trips to the store, no routine system maintenance (on your part), and no setting up orders and deliveries for gallon jug coolers. Home treatments are your one-stop solution.

Why We Use WaterTech Products

Our team at B. Carlson is dedicated to providing the best possible water treatment solutions for our neighbors in the Albuquerque area—which is why we are a proud vendor of WaterTech products.

WaterTech is a brand well known for innovating and manufacturing water treatment solutions that offer homeowners peace of mind. After reviewing all of the brands available to us, we chose to work with WaterTech because we believe that they’re the brand that offers the most comprehensive, high quality series available on the market.

Whether we’re working with water softeners, whole-house water filters, or drinking water filters, we trust that the WaterTech products we use are going to get the job done.

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Why Choose B. Carlson for Water Treatment in New Mexico?

We have been serving your neighbors in the Albuquerque region for more than 40 years! When you hire B. Carlson, you can rest assured that you’re receiving trustworthy home services because our company:

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