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At B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our HVAC professionals work hard to keep your home cool throughout the hot Albuquerque summer. If you’re tired of your home’s old evaporative cooler that struggles to effectively cool your home, then we have a solution for you.

We proudly install Breezair evaporative coolers throughout the Albuquerque area to make sure that you can get one of the best, most efficient swamp coolers on the market. Breezair evaporative coolers are the “Cadillac” of evaporative coolers. Read on to see the variety of Breezair evaporative cooling systems we offer!

For price comparisons and more information about Breezair evaporative cooler installation in your Albuquerque-area home, call B. Carlson at (505) 349-4409 or contact us online.

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Why Choose Breezair Evaporative Coolers in Albuquerque?

Unlike air conditioners that require harsh chemicals to cool the air, Breezair uses only water. That makes Breezair evaporative coolers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning.

Your Albuquerque neighbors choose Breezair over other swamp coolers because it is:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Cleaner and healthier
  • Easier and less costly to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to maintain
  • Productivity-enhancing

To learn more about the benefits of a Breezair cooling system, contact us today!

Breezair Evaporative Cooler Series

When we install a Breezair evaporative cooler, you get an economical, reliable, and efficient cooling solution that requires less frequent maintenance than your typical swamp cooler. Breezair evaporative coolers offer the following features:

  • A cabinet made of high-strength, UV-rated structural polymer construction
  • A 25-year limited warranty, no more worries about rust
  • Unique Chillcel pads, which provide maximum cooling much like refrigerated air

Choose from the 2-speed EXT series, the variable-speed EXV series with belt drive, or the variable-speed Icon series with ECM direct drive motor for super-quiet and efficient operation. The Icon also features capacities up to 9500 CFM, and with the variable-speed ECM motor, it can cool your entire home for what it costs to operate a single light bulb!

We also offer the Breezair SensorTouch wall controller for easy climate control.

Schedule a consultation to install a Breezair evaporative cooler! Simply call (505) 349-4409.

Breezair EXV Series Evaporative Coolers

The Breezair EXV is a high-performance evaporative cooler that provides the kind of performance you need for cooling spacious living areas. The EXV series includes:

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  • Exclusive one-piece aerodynamic fan
  • Harmony SensorTouch wall controller
  • Horizon SensorTouch remote control
  • Electric variable-speed motor
  • Non-clogging water distribution system
  • Control power module
  • Microprocessor
  • Tornado water pump
  • Integrated diagnostics module
  • Water manager and auto drain function
  • Long life Chillcel cooling pads

The Breezair EXV circulates fresh air from outside, where air conditioners continue to recirculate the same stale, dry air. That makes the Breezair EXV Variable Speed Series healthier and better for sensitive noses, eyes, and skin.

Breezair EXT Series Swamp Cooler

The secret to the cooling power of the Breezair EXT lies in the state-of-the-art technology that is built into every Breezair evaporative cooler, including:

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  • Bleed-off tray
  • Exclusive one-piece aerodynamic fan
  • 2-speed junction box
  • Non-clogging water distribution system
  • Tornado water pump
  • Electric 2-speed motor
  • Long life Chillcel pads

The Breezair EXT requires only about 20% of the energy needed for refrigerated air conditioning. This significantly reduces your cooling costs and peak energy demand! Plus, with no toxic chemicals, emissions are reduced. Call our Albuquerque evaporative cooling experts now for pricing and information.

Breezair CONVAIR CTA500

Do you need to install a new HVAC system for your home? Consider the CONVAIR CTA500, a high-performance evaporative cooling system that is fitted with the latest Chillcel® Pad Technology to perform at maximum efficiency levels. If you’re looking for a system that is high quality and high efficiency, this unit is worth choosing!

Breezair ICON® EXH 170 & EXH 210

For residential homes, the ICON® EXH 170 & EXH 210 systems run beautifully. These ultra-quiet cooling systems are extremely energy-efficient, using exclusive Hushpower® motors to keep your home comfortable and your cooling bills low.

Commercial Cooling: Breezair Supercool® TBSI 580

Take a look at the Breezair Supercool® series for your next commercial HVAC cooling installation. This system can be used for storage areas, warehouses, sports facilities, commercial kitchens, agricultural facilities, and manufacturing plants. This system is built with a super powerful axial fan, which can maximize performance and run smoothly with minimal noise.

Evaporative Cooler Installation in Albuquerque, NM

As an Albuquerque homeowner, you know how brutal the summer heat can be. Why suffer through the heat when you can install one of the best swamp coolers on the market, Breezair.

With B. Carlson, you can rest easy knowing our team will work with you to determine the best evaporative cooling system for your Albuquerque-area home. We want you to receive year-round comfort for years to come—and we won’t be happy with anything less!

Call Albuquerque’s evaporative cooling experts at B. Carlson today at (505) 349-4409!

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