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Champion Evaporative Cooling System Installation in Albuquerque, NM

Champion Evaporative Cooling Systems

When you’re looking for a top-class cooling system for your New Mexico home, you want a system that is efficient, strong, and reliable. And when it comes to providing all of these and more, the team at B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing can offer you the very best with our Champion evaporative cooling systems!

Champion evaporative coolers have been keeping homes and businesses comfortable for decades. When you’re looking for a cost-effective and simple solution for your comfort, you can rest assured that our team can help you select the ideal system to meet your unique needs. We’ve been handling evaporative cooling system installation and service for decades, and with our team at your side, you’re guaranteed a flawless Champion product.

If you’re looking for the ideal evaporative cooling system for your Albuquerque home, contact B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing online today!

What Is an Evaporative Cooling System?


New to evaporative cooling? If so, our team can help you out! Evaporative cooling systems operate off of the natural process of, of course, evaporation. These systems draw in hot, dry air, and through the use of moist cooling pads, will essentially utilize the pulled in air as a medium to generate cool air. The cool air gets pumped into your home, while the hot air is rejected to outdoors. It’s a perfect, energy-efficient, and simple method of getting great, clean, and perfectly cool air in your home!

Champion Evaporative Coolers in Albuquerque

Champion is a world-class leader in evaporative cooling systems, and we’re proud to provide a wide array of options to our New Mexico clients! We offer systems ranging in size from 3000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) for residential spaces, all the way up to 11625 CFM for commercial or industrial use.

As an added benefit, B. Carlson also offers Digital Cooler Controllers to help you maintain comfort with the simple use of a streamlined and perfect controller solution.

Champion Evaporative Cooling Installation

Choosing a Champion evaporative cooling system is one of the simplest, most cost-minded ways to gain the advantages of evaporative cooling for your home or business in New Mexico. And as leaders in HVAC and cooling solutions, our certified professionals are proud to help you gain these unique and powerful options for your home or business use! We’re specially trained to install and supply Champion systems, so you can rest assured that we can help you get the ideal comfort solution for your needs.

The Benefits of a Champion Evaporative Cooling System

Champion cooling systems can provide you with all of the comfort you’ll ever need. They’re absolutely perfect for New Mexico homes! But they’ll bring you a lot more than just cool air. You’ll also gain:

  • Considerably more energy-efficiency. Champion evaporative cooling systems use far, far less energy to provide for your cooling needs. In many cases, homes can cut cooling costs by up to even 80% or more!
  • A green cooling solution. Featuring no harmful chemicals, and by utilizing a natural process to generate cool air, evaporative coolers do no damage to our environment.
  • Easy owner maintenance. Beyond the occasional professional service, homeowners have very little to no upkeep to perform with an evaporative cooling system installation.

Champion Evaporative Cooling Installation in Albuquerque, NM

As a New Mexico homeowner, you know how brutal the summer heat can be. Why suffer through the heat when you can install one of the best cooling systems on the market—Champion. With B. Carlson, you can rest easy knowing our team will work with you to determine the best evaporative cooling system for your New Mexico home. We want you to receive year round comfort for years to come—and we won’t be happy with anything less!

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