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Rooftop HVAC Systems in Albuquerque

Rooftop HVAC Systems in Albuquerque

As a commercial business owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure employees and clients alike can stay comfortable all throughout the year in Albuquerque. That means you want HVAC equipment that can get the job done both efficiently and reliably, and you need a team of experts who can cover all of your needs. Welcome to your top solution! B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing specializes in rooftop packaged HVAC systems, which offer you all of the heating and cooling power you need.

Our commercial service specialists have the tools and training needed to assess your structural comfort needs, offering you top of the line HVAC equipment and unparalleled installation and support services to ensure you get ideal solutions at all times. Whether you’re seeking RTU repair, new installation, or just want to find out about the benefits of a rooftop unit—we’re the professionals you need in New Mexico. B. Carlson offers:

  • Rooftop unit installation
  • Rooftop unit repair
  • Rooftop unit maintenance services

Want to learn more, or looking to schedule a consultation with our commercial service team? Contact B. Carlson online now or dial (505) 349-4409 to reach a heating and cooling specialist near you!

What Are Rooftop Units?

Rooftop units are packaged (all in one) systems that offer excellent cooling power, while also providing heating and air circulation benefits. The systems are typically, as you might expect, installed on the roof of commercial buildings, though they can also be mounted on ground-level slabs if needed.

The major benefits of rooftop HVAC systems are:

  • Improved equipment safety and security
  • Space-saving benefits
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High efficiency ratings
  • Simpler maintenance
  • And more!

Rooftop HVAC Installation in Albuquerque

rooftop hvac systems in albuquerque, nm

Our specialists have been serving the needs of commercial clients for decades and we have all of the experience and training needed to match you with the perfect rooftop cooling and heating system. We’ll work directly with you in order to diagnose your comfort needs, assess your structure, and from there we can offer cost-efficient solutions that can accommodate your year-round comfort requirements.

Rooftop HVAC Repair

Having issues with your rooftop system?  Our experts understand that you don’t have time, resources, or energy to waste on a malfunctioning system. That’s why we take your needs seriously by offering up leading diagnostic services and priority repair responses to help you get back to comfort in your business as soon as possible.

Rooftop Unit Maintenance

Once installed you would ideally want your system to operate at peak efficiency for as long as possible. And you don’t want the stress of breakdowns or complications mid-season! Our maintenance and commercial HVAC tune-up services are ideal for preserving and optimizing your system for better performance. Through extensive cleaning, calibration services, assessments, and component care as needed we can ensure you get the most from your RTU investment.

Rooftop HVAC Systems & Solutions in Albuquerque, NM

B. Carlson provides award-winning and trusted heating and cooling services to all of our New Mexico clients. Whether you’re looking to learn more, or you’re looking for professional-level quality that can get the job done on the first try—we’re the team you need on your side.

Our brutal summers and windy winters afford you no wiggle room when it comes to HVAC. You need the best, both in products and services, and B. Carlson Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here to ensure you get it.

Call a commercial HVAC and rooftop unit expert near you at (505) 349-4409 or contact us online today!

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