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10 Ways to Save on Your ABQ Water Bill

Lower Your Albuquerque Water Bill with These Easy Steps 

As the cost of living goes up every year, you and your family may be looking for creative ways to save money. A simple place to start is with your water bill. The average 2-person family in Albuquerque pays $70 per month in water. While that may not seem like a shocking number at first, it adds up to a sizeable sum at the end of the year and is much higher than the national average. Just last year, the Water Authority approved a 5% price increase, affecting homeowners throughout Albuquerque. While water usage varies by size of family, whether you use swamp coolers or not, and the amount of landscaping you have that needs watered, it’s still important to look for ways to save. If you want to be prepared for rate increases and keep your water bill as low as possible, here are a few helpful tips. 

Run Your Dishwasher 

Many homeowners fall into the trap of thinking that they are saving money by handwashing dishes. However, research shows that energy efficient dishwashers use much less water than handwashing. Scrape (don’t rinse) and load your dishes into the dishwasher to save time and water. Keep in mind that a full load and a half load use the same amount of water, so make sure you fill the dishwasher completely before running. 

Run Full Loads of Laundry

We’ve all been tempted to start that half load of laundry to get it out of the way, but if you’re looking to pinch pennies, this may not be the way to go. The same principle that applies for dishwashers applies for washing machines. A full load uses the same amount of water as a small load. Waiting until you have a full load to wash can save you money in the long run. 

Fix Leaks 

Do you have a leaky bathroom or kitchen faucet? This could be wasting more water than you realize! Call the professional plumbers at B. Carlson to properly repair leaky pipes and faucets and put a stop to wasted water. 

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

When it’s time to update your appliances and fixtures, including dishwashers, washing machines, and shower heads, make sure you find a product that is energy efficient. You can save hundreds in the long run by investing in quality, energy efficient appliances and fixtures. At B. Carlson, we have the experience and knowledge to properly install appliances and ensure that they are running correctly. When investing in appliances, trust the install to the experts at B. Carlson Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.  

Set Up a Rain Barrell 

While Albuquerque may not see the highest totals of rainfall, every little bit helps. Installing a rain barrel and using that water wisely is a great way to save money. Not only that, but if you have children in your home, it’s a great way to teach them about the environment and using resources responsibly. 

Plant Drought Resistant Grasses 

Many homeowners in Albuquerque spend a large portion of their water usage on irrigation and sprinkler systems. By planting grasses that require less water, you can save yourself a great deal of money over time. 

Cover Pools When Not in Use

If you own a pool, it’s important to keep your pool covered when not being used. This can drastically cut down on evaporation, which means you won’t have to top off the pool as often.

Take Shorter Showers 

A big part of your water bill comes down to your shower and bath usage. Showers use a great deal less water than baths, but they can still be costly when they go too long. Try to limit your showers as much as possible. 

Turn Off the Tap

As simple as it may sound, turning off the water when not necessary can add up over time. When brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or cooking, look for times you can turn the water off.

Reuse and Recycle 

Don’t let unused water go to waste. Water left in drinking glasses or pet dishes can be used to water plants. Water used in cooking can often be saved and reused. You can make it a fun game for you and your family to look for fun and creative ways around the house that you can reuse water. 

B. Carlson is Here to Help 

Trying to save money on your water bill can be overwhelming. At B. Carlson Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing we are here to help our Albuquerque clients in any way that we can. We offer leaky pipe and fixture repair services to eliminate wasted water. If you’re ready to upgrade to an energy-efficient appliance, we can help with that too! Albuquerque homeowners have access to our reliable appliance installation services. Call now to learn more about how B. Carlson can save you money on your Albuquerque water bill! 

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